29 nov 14 II

Update: yes, this is as simple as one could only not imagine in terms of creating web pages, but.. well, the content.. that I've perhaps had in mind so far has allready been formatted (or I've haven't thought that it was actually the mödan värd, worth it, to format it), and.. yet, question remains what I could put here that I couldn't perhaps easier put in another place (like, pastebin or as posts on reddit, to cite one wise web page creator). We'll see. Just having this simple site about nothing in particular is kind of fun, still.

29 nov 14

Created this page. Since I have no fantasy (or just tremendous prestation (errh) anxiety) when it comes to finding names for things, I took a random string (the last of a set, since I ditched the first one and this one looked okay) from random.org/strings.

I've had some things in mind which I could put up to the internet, but I don't know if I will get that done or just procastrinate, if this is the right forum for it actually, or if this interface, simple as it is, means too much work, or if it's just too ambitious as a plan in general. One thing I've noticed with.. urh, I don't know if it is web pages really, but.. perhaps, I've jotted down a few.. clots (??) on my computer sometimes durin recent years, but otherwise with some creative stuff, is that.. They create themselves. Even if my plan is, and I'd like to be that organised as to having a place to put things on the internet, other content that could be more or less useful, maybe that is not what this page wants or will be. We'll see. Perhaps it will just be a page about creating a webpage. Perhaps it won't be more than this.

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